This is a core introductory course, which provides you a formation of Modeling and Simulation (M&S). M&S can be applied in many fields of science and technology from business and healthcare to defense (military) and entertainment.

All engineers can benefit from the knowledge of M&S as it will broaden their vision and perspectives.

Undergraduate and graduate students in engineering and non-engineering disciplines can take this course to complement their knowledge.

Course Objectives:

  •   Have an holistic approach to M&S
  •   Learn M&S based terms and definitions
  •   Understand Verification & Validation (V&V) of models
  •   Understand Discrete Event Simulation, Continuous Simulation, Agent-based Simulations
  •   Understand Human Factors in M&S
  •   Understand Cognitive and Behavioral Modeling
  •   Understand Network Simulations
  •   Understand Simulation and Training
  •   Learn M&S technologies and concepts
  •   Develop M&S application using AnyLogic
  •   Develop 3D graphical models using Blender